Ahh so I am so excited and pumped for this saturday!! Ya you’re probably sitting there like…of course, saturday, Lucas Oil game. big stuff riiiight? No.that’s not just it. Along with the hype of brebeuf going pro and playing in the mighty Lucas Oil Stadium where sweat and blood as been drained for the sake of the Colts rep…the cross country team (oww-ow!) is running in the Black and Gold Hokum Karem. What is the hokum karem you ask? Well it’s only the greatest addition to a cross country season ever!! (that and Soda Saturdays!) So ya…hokum karem. Here’s the layout. You take your top 10 runners:your 7 varisty runners and your top3 JV runners. Then you pair those girls up to make 5 pairs of 2 runners. My partner is Molly Winters.

Essentially the hokum karem is a race composed of mile relays. You’re probably like dang. mile relays…that sounds awful! Ohh contraire my friends! Mile relays in comparison to a normal 5k race is like fresh baked cookies to  stale store-bought cookies, Radio Now to NPR, Fridays to Mondays! Here’s why I love this race: you run hard for 5-6 minutes, rest for 5-6 minutes, run hard, rest,  and then run hard one more time to finish your race! What I’m basically getting at is that I like taking breaks in the middle of running 🙂

Molly Winters and Rachel Whitman. Needless to say, we’re pumped for this race, as is a good majority of the team. Mollyand I were partners last year and just missed winning the whole thing by a mere 5 meters. So this year, we’re back and ready to claim the first place title.

Aaaand then after the hokum karem…Brebeuf at Lucas Oil!! Get excited Braves. Get excited. I hope that you’re all going!

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  1. yes! thank you! i could never understand whaat hokem karem was until you cleared it all up for me. you are a life saver. 🙂

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