The First Week of School

Plan and simple: Nobody wants to be at school.

Waking up at 6:30, getting stuck in traffic at the entrance of school, sitting through 6-8 classes of varying lengths, sports practices, getting home at 6:30, eating dinner, finishing the ridiculous amount of homework, checking facebook, and finally rolling into bed between 10 and midnight.

However, the first day of school wasn’t terrible. I got to see all of my friends again after a long summer. Some classes were kind of intense (Precalc with McCarthy) while others brought promises of a good year (englisshhh!).

And with school comes the beginning of new sports seasons. For me, it means hydrating throughout the day, eating healthy, and running 3-8 miles every day after school. Cross country season. A season that brings ups and downs, good and bad races, fun and hard practices, excitement and nerves, and a never ending plate of pasta.

So to save you time so that you can move onto other homework, I’m going to resist writing a 5 page-long post  and I’ll just leave you with this…

You izz too funny!

You izz 2 funny!

4 thoughts on “The First Week of School

  1. Nice introductory post! Cute pic at the end to wrap it up. 🙂 I hope the cc season goes well. Keep up the good work here! 🙂

  2. i agree about pre-calc with mccarthy..(ughh lol)
    haha. nice post =)oh and i almost used this same theme with the bluebird! but…i have a green one with some trees now instead, haha

  3. you izz too funny girl!
    i like the bird. fits yo personality. yeeeaaah. 😀
    btw, you’re siting next to me right now. wooo!

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